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Trendz 08/27/2009

Filed under: casual,fashion,maxi dresses,PINK,TRENDZ — khadijah2345 @ 3:19 pm

pic3pic    pic2






here are so of the hottest  trends;


MAXI DRESSES: Any muslimah can wear a maxi dresses. You can dress it up or dress it down!!

Pink ;Is energetic and youthful therefore, it always adds playfulness to the look.

Black and white : i just love black and white it is so sophisticated!!!You can wear black and white any wear! It never go out of style!

Long shirt dress: instead of wearing a hot long sleeve shirt why not wear a shirt dress, it is a shirt that goes to your knees they come in all designs !! If its short sleeve wear a cute cargain or a sweater with it !


2 Responses to “Trendz”

  1. That white coat is beautiful!

  2. zainab1 Says:

    As salaamu alaikum , very nice post, Masaha Allah. ( smiles)

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